Why You Should Have Your Rugs Rotated Regularly

Why You Should Have Your Rugs Rotated Regularly

Area rugs and oriental rugs are a big investment in your home.  They are a beautiful addition to any home adding style, comfort, and warmth.  So how can you keep your rugs looking their best?   One important step is to rotate your rugs regularly.  Rugs need to be rotated every 6 to 12 months.

Why you should rotate your rugs:

1. Traffic patterns

When your rug is placed on the floor and the room is filled with furniture, foot traffic will take the same path day after day.  Over time, wear patterns will show in open areas, but the carpet will look new in the areas that are under furniture.

2. Sun exposure.

The sun is powerful.  We know that the sun can power entire homes with solar energy.  We know that exposure to sunlight can create vitamin D in our bodies, cause sunburn and even skin cancer.  Yet we don’t often think about the effects of the sun on our carpets.  Sunlight that comes through windows over time can actually cause the colors in area rugs to fade.


When is the last time you rotated your area rug?


Don’t want to or can’t rotate your rugs yourself?  We can help.  Rug Rotation is a service we offer.  Call us and schedule your rug rotation today!


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